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FAA Registration

FAA registration is a requirement for all people flying R/C model aircraft outdoor.  


According with the AMA and FAA guidelines, members need to list both the AMA number and the Federal registration number on their aircraft.  Also a basic knowledge of flight rules is required and achieved through a simple test.  After you have registered you will have a registration number to put on your aircraft and after the TRUST test you will be able to print a certificate showing you passed.  These are required by law of all recreational model aircraft used outdoors.

Here is a link to the FAA registration process through the AMA: 

Which provides detailed information on how to register to comply with the laws.

Your aircraft must be marked with your registration, here is a link explaining what to do: 

You also need to have completed a basic airman test called TRUST:  which is a simple "open book" style test that you cannot fail.

And here is a link to take the TRUST test:

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